Top 5 Jhene Aiko Songs You Should Already Know And Love

jhene aiko

Last week, LA’s princess of soul Jhene Aiko released her debut studio album. “Souled Out” and it went viral all over the Internet and social media platforms. This highly anticipated release was due to the success of her previous EP “Sail Out” which was released last year. Although her success has been heavy as of recently, she is no stranger to the music scene. She first debuted back in the early 2000’s during the boy band era when she was known as Lil’ Fizz’s (of B2K) “cousin” in order to help kick start her career. Over the years, she has definitely paved her own career path and made a name for herself with her distinct style and a voice that is sweet and sensual with a twist of hip-hop. Her music brings an alternative aspect to R&B that is both sultry and aggressive due to her lyrical content; lyrics in which she writes herself.  Her latest release is expected to catapult her career into even greater success but as a fan, whether you’re a new or old fan, you must not forget about the great songs and collaborations she has done in the past. Here are 5 songs by Jhene that, if you have not already heard you should definitely get familiar with: