Why Did Fredro Starr Diss Charlamagne Tha God?


Because he brought up “some slick shit” Fredo said when asked about why him and Charalmagne Tha God have an issue. It all began when Charlamagne brought up the rumored relationship Fredo had with singer Brandy, during their time filming Moesha. “Fredro was getting head from Brandy”.

That comment was enough to light a spark. Obviously Fredro wasn’t visibly pleased with the comment and shot back “You need to stop with all that. Let that be what it’s gonna be,” Fredro responded  growing visibly upset. Stop bringing up the past, B. We move to the future. I ain’t got time for that.”


This all went down during an interview with The Breakfast Club and it escalated from there. Soon the two were talking about an upcoming rap battle with Keith Murray, in ATL, but soon the topic shifted to the Source Awards. Leading to asking Sticky Fingaz about supposedly beating people up on airplanes . After Fredro asks Charlamagne about allegedly being punched in the eye in 2012, outside the radio station.  But Charlamagne wasn’t going down without a fight, he fired back by mentioning  Fredro getting punching by rapper, 50 Cent, who “ran like you”.


Well the interview took a chill pill when Stick Fingaz said “Charlamagne I love you” , followed by a pound.  Fredro also ended with talking about ex group member of Onyx who passed away of Cancer in 2003  Big DS. “That was my best friend growing up. If he had the blue Reeboks I had the red ones.”