Retchy P.

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Just turning the big 2-1, Retch is more than ready to make a solo name for himself. After gaining attention with tracks he collaborated on with partner Da$h, it’s clear that Retch is ready to do some storytelling on his own.

He hails from New Jersey, but is no stranger to the streets of New York. My guess is that’s he has seen a lifetime’s worth in his young life because his lyrics have soul and just the right amount of anger to be alluring. Listen to the detail in his storytelling and you realize how rich and flavorful his writing is.

In an interview with The Break, Retch explained this goal as an artist.

I’m tryna be the next muthaf*cka ya throw on that cover.”

It’s clear he hasn’t recieved as much attention as he would like, but my prediction is that is about to change faster than anyone could predict. 

His most notable tracks are “Fly Away” and “City Lights/Blockwork.” They have rhythm and a style that can be seen in most rappers, but Retch adds his own spice to it.

Take a listen; I dare you.


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