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At 17-years old Raury, The Indigo Child, has people bowing down at his ability to write lyrics that represent a maturity level well beyond his age. This singer/songwriter/guitarist/rapper from Atlanta’s east suburbs has shown, with only a few videos, that he’s not afraid to stand out among a crowd of artists that blend together.

“I’ve always wanted to be that kind of artist where you can listen to it and think ‘thank god this person exists'”, said Raury in his interview with Noisey.

“I’m here to break open my own lane.”

During his Sophmore year in highschool, Raury was already showing his obsession for music when he pulled together a band by posting flyers all over the school looking for a drummer and bass player. With the help of a janitor, he would sneak in after hours and practice in the school (but you didn’t hear that from us).

What’s most appealing about this artist is his awareness of the world around him. Raury uses growing up in a very unsheltered world as a muse for his pieces. It’s something that reflects and certainly resonates as you listen.

Above all else, Raury’s passion flows through his music and visions. His style of guerrilla filmmaking for the visuals to songs like “God’s Whisper” and “Bloom” prove that fancy equipment and thousands of dollars are not needed to have a worthy final product.

Stay tuned for his release of The Indigo Child and check out what this lyricist really has under his belt.



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