WHO'S NEXT: GoldLink


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At only 20 years old, GoldLink has released tracks that are so refreshing and versatile that any hip hop listener can find his music appealing. He prides himself on having a mysterious edge—hardly ever revealing his face—but his music, however, should remain as no mystery.

GoldLink grew up in Maryland, but now resides in Virginia and we’re predicting that soon he’ll become a global phenomenon. Why? Because he has an awesome head on his shoulders and just enough confidence.

In an interview with XXL GoldLink revealed he doesn’t drink, smoke or do any drugs. Safe to say he’s not exactly your typical rapper.

His style is a mix between a mellow Ke$ha and R. Kelly from The Chocolate Factory album. He draws influences from Max B, Hot Boys and even Mystical. His new mixtape The God Complex  has a smooth tone with a variety of addicting beats that are accompanied by some very catchy lyrics.

Give his tape a listen and we promise you’ll play it straight. It’s just that good.



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