Tyler, the Creator & Kanye West Come Together for “F*ck Your Throne” in D*C


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If there are any two creatives who are as reviled by their haters as they are admired by their fans, it’s Tyler, The Creator and Kanye West. These two have those polarizing personalities that force people to to pick a side, and sometimes it works against them because they’re both so damn talented that they deserve as much love as possible. We knew Kanye was something to behold upon his entry into music when he took to the Grammy stage and gave his infamous speech, the Telethon, Taylor Swift, Sway, so on and so forth. Look no further than Tyler’s twitter account to see how wild he is. As much as their personalities may make you feel some type of way, you cannot fault the genius that these two possess when it comes to their art.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Tyler and Kanye’s music has been very similar in tone recently if you pay attention. It’s dark and unconventional with heavy content that may be off-putting for the squeamish. Tyler’s Wolf was one of the best projects of 2013. The production was damn near perfect. Listen to how those keys come in on “Jamba” and the transition from hook to verse on “Beamer.” As wild as the content gets Tyler still finds time to get serious about his missing father on “Answer” and the effects of the crack epidemic on “48.”

Dark and brooding with a serious edge to it, Yeezus was Wolf with a little more experience and in your face – Yeezus was Wolf‘s aggressive older brother. Songs like “New Slaves,” “Blood On The Leaves,” and “On Sight” were the wild mashups that were “PartyIsn’tOver/Campfire/Beamer.” “Send It Up” gives off the same mood and sounds like a slowed down version of “Domo23.” A Tyler feature would’ve complimented Yeezus and I could hear Kanye on literally the entire first third of Wolf (from “Jamba” to “Pigs” to be exact).

I’m honestly surprised this hasn’t happened yet. Tyler and Kanye have a great public relationship. They’ve both gone on record and praised each other to the highest regard. Tyler threw the Odd Future Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival last year and shocked the world by bringing Kanye out to perform “New Slaves” and “Late,” a day he called the “Greatest Day of His Life.”

This was after Kanye West went on record and called Tyler, The Creator a mentor. Let that sink in.

So how would it sound?

Let’s start with the production. Hard and dirty drums, six different melodies, twelve different instruments, and then finding a way to take a minimalist approach to that. We want Tyler to be in charge of the beat and Kanye to back whatever he puts together to bring the production to life. This will be the backdrop to the most off the wall yet fly content of all time. We’re talking “American Psycho” meets “Fashion Week” with a little “Borat”-like crude humour and the replay value of “Coming To America.” If they make this song it will be the catalyst to another joint album from Kanye, this time featuring Tyler and promptly titled Fuck My Throne. Ok…

Anyway, we know that they’ve been in the studio together. With all of these similarities and the two having such a great relationship. It only makes sense that these two finally put out whatever they’ve been working on. Until then –

So…why haven’t they collaborated yet?


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