Tech N9ne talks Skills needed for Strange Music, Eminem Feature & vision for becoming the “#1 Rapper”

Tech humbly admits that he never thought his independent label Strange Music would make him the #1 independent artist in the world, but with a new game plan in action, The Kansas City native is seeking “world domination.” Aiming beyond the independent lane and gearing his energy towards becoming the, “#1 Rapper, Period.”

“We are not there yet. What we envisioned, we are getting closer to. Yeah we’re breaking some records. I’m talking about breaking Thè record. — World Domination. We’re not there yet. — Did I know one day I was going to be called the #1 independent rapper in the world? No but, I plan on being the #1 rapper, period.”

Tech N9ne thoroughly explains that the criteria for getting singed to the world’s #1 independent label goes well beyond only recording songs in the booth, you have to compliment your MC skills with a great live show.

“An artist, to be considered Strange Music has to be al lyricist, but they have to be able to convey that live. That MC they are they just can’t do it in the studio. You got to be able to do it out here (on the road). — The only way you are going to gain fans is to get out there and touch them through tour.”

When discussing why Murs was a right fit for the Strange Music team, Tech N9ne explained that even some of his most horrifying Road experiences never stopped him from performing, and he saw that type of commitment to the craft in Murs.

“He (Murs) made it through a whole tour. He even hurt himself on tour and pulled something doing a backward flip. — When we have broken ribs in Kuwait because you feel off of an apache helicopter, we do that in pain. We don’t cancel shows. — As long as your voice is working, your tongue, and your brain and your heart is beating we are in there. He’s one of them. These are all things that have happened to me by the way.”

After asked to pick two artist he’d love to work with, Tech N9ne rattled of a few names then pause, and mentioned that he’d love to work with “the dopiest lyricist he’s ever heard.”

“… I’d love to hear myself on a song with one of the dopest lyricist I’ve ever heard, EMINEM.”

Special Thanks to Steve & Stephen Chiaravalloti.