That Is Blasphemous! Stephen A. Smith Goes Off on Steelers’ Running Backs

Stephen A Smith

It’s always a good day when ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith goes off on somebody. Few can get as amped up as Smith does when pissed off, remember when he almost took Skip Bayless’ head off for disrespecting Scottie Pippen?

Well Smith was pissed off this morning after finding out the Pittsburgh Steelers top two running backs Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount were arrested on marijuana charges last night. Smith, a Steelers fan lost it last night on Twitter, tweeting this:

He did not disappoint on First Take either. Smith goes off on Bell and Blount (who’s surprised someone with that last name was smoking?) in one of his better rants in some time. Maybe Bell and Blount need to pass it to the left and give Smith a puff to calm him down before he has a heart attack.