Souls of Mischief x Adrian Younge – “Panic Struck” (New Music)

“We were hanging outside of a club, at a party, and a guy walked up to us pulling a ski mask down, telling everybody to get down, and as he said that, a shot went off,” recalls Souls of Mischief rapper Tajai to The The Wall Street Journal. This real-life incident serves as the basis for the group’s latest single, “Panic Struck,” and is the third single from their forthcoming concept album, There Is Only Now, due out August 26th. During initial conversations about working together for an album, producer Adrian Younge interviewed the group about significant moments in their career and said, “They start talking about this incident that happened to them in 1994, and my mouth was on the floor. I said, ‘This feeling you just gave me right now is what we need to bring to the audience, let’s base the album on this incident.'”