Retro – "The Six" (Mixtape)

In recent months, RETRO’s been invading the internet with a series of singles and videos leading up to the release of The Six, which finally premiered today via DJ Booth.

“I feel like I can present good music, something you can cruise to, make love to, play with your kids to, because I believe a whole album should hit every season, whether it’s summer or winter,”—RETRO

His aim is to make the masses feel something meaningful through his work, from the cover art to the sound itself. The Six will features six different covers that can be opened up to form a poster for fans. He and his Rocket Team, a crew of 15-plus, came up with the idea of including uniquely coded tickets in each of the 5,000 copies that will be pressed, making the release an interactive experience. Listeners will be prompted to go to RETRO’s website,, to enter a code, and six winners will be rewarded with a special edition Rocket Team jersey. To receive your free hard-copy of The Six, simply follow Retro on Twitter (@RETROthakid) and tweet “” with the hashtag, #TheSix.