Punishment Fit The Crime? NFL Upholds One Year Ban On WR Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon

The NFL upheld the one year suspension given to Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon for a third substance-abuse offense. Gordon tested positive for marijuana for a third time and was handed the harsh punishment of a one year ban. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if the league would not have given Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice a two game suspension for a domestic violence charge a couple weeks earlier.

Clearly Gordon needs some time off to evaluate his priorities, but so does the NFL. In what world does it make sense to give a player five-time the punishment of domestic abuse for smoking marijuana? Now this is Gordon’s third offense for testing positive for marijuana, but is it more damaging than domestic abuse? Isn’t that something that deserves a harsh penalty instead of a slap on the wrists? I guess not.

A suitable punishment given Rice’s two-game suspension would be a four-game suspension for Gordon. I am aware the league is trying to crack down on all drug usage and rightfully so, but shouldn’t they have that same enforcement on domestic abuse? With cheerleaders already suing the league for allowing them to work under minimum wage you would have thought Rice was about to get hit with at least half a season ban. Nope, not even a quarter of the season. Gordon on the other hand will be exiled for a year and will have to apply for reinstatement at the end of this season.

The time away may be good for Gordon. It worked wonders for Ricky Williams who also loved him some bud. It worked for Hall of Famer Cris Carter who was dealing with more severe drug and alcohol issues than Gordon. I hope in the time Gordon serves his suspension he straightens out his priorities out like others before him. I suggest Roger Goodell and the rest of the league does the same.