Enter At Your Own Risk: Paul George's Mean Leg Injury During The USA's Blue vs. White Scrimmage Game (Video)

via BleacherReport.com

via BleacherReport.com

…and you just hate to see this.

Paul George suffered a devastating leg injury  during the fourth quarter of the USA Blue vs. White scrimmage game for the FIBA World Cup. As opposing player James Harden made his way to the basket for a fast break layup, Paul George looked to make the stop on the defensive end. George attempted to block Harden’s layup, but as he came down his foot collided with the base of the basket causing the lower half of his leg to bend sideways.

Fans and the players alike all felt PG’s pain and gave a resounding applause as he was carted off of the court. The game was cancelled after this, but the implications may be devastating.

Watch the clip of the injury below: