Officer Darren Wislon, Who Killed Mike Brown, Photos are Released



Take a good look folks, these are the pictures of the mysterious Darren Wilson. A 28 year old Ferguson police officer who up to this point had not disciplinary action on his record. This is the officer accused of shooting and killing 18 year old Mike Brown, while he was unarmed.

However, some think differently, like 12 year old Jay, a friend of Darren’s who says he “always made the right decisions,” He’s a really classy guy. He’s the last person you would expect to do something like this. I just can’t see it happening. I can’t see him doing it.”Jay also commented that Darren is not a racist, ans that he chose to work in Ferguson Police Department.

This situation has the town full of aggravations and accusations that it was racially motivated. People are swarming social media, demanding justice for the high school graduate.

The pictures shown above are of Darren Wilson receiving an award. They were posted by his father who commented “, “Very proud of my son, Darren Wilson on receiving a Commendation from his Police Department. Congratulations Son.”

Now everything has changed for Officer Wilson, who now is now seen in a completely different light.

Now that Ferguson has ID the officer who killed Mike Brown, what do you think will happen next?