Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliot Come Together for "The Pinker, The Better" On D*C

Nicki Minaj / MIssy Elliott

Nicki Minaj | Missy Elliott

Nicki, Nicki, Nicki, can’t you see…sometimes your ass just hypnotizes me. Nicki Minaj just dropped one of the most eye popping videos in recent memory. It included, but did not stop at, whip cream, jungles, workouts, and a whole lot of booty. Aside from it’s obvious ASSets, Nicki’s video for “Anaconda” conjurs the spirit of a certain female rapper in her prime, which got us thinking—why haven’t these two collaborated yet?

Everyone likes to compare Nicki’s sex-driven image to another famous NYC female rapper, but Nicki is more than just a nice body with bars. The eccentric personality beyond the bars is what made her the star she is. Remember that wild “Super Bass” video? The over-the-top performance at the 2012 Grammy’s? The rest of the her videos? Nicki Minaj has a love for the side of life that some may think of as strange, but even then she remains a powerful voice for the females of this generation.

The first time most of us saw Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot she was wearing a garbage bag in front panoramic cameras. From there on she became known for her quirky style, but she always remembered the power she had as a female. Take “One Minute Man” for example where Missy took charge and let her male counterparts know that girls don’t appreciate a three pump chump. Missy Elliot was a wild child that spoke for the females of hip hop and made sure you remembered that via the visuals.

Musically, these two are some of the most remarkable females to grace the microphone. We all know sex sells in the rap game, so for Missy to continue receiving the respect she’s attained over the years, you know she had to get busy on the mic. Ms. Minaj is already on her way to becoming one of the best females to ever do it. As legends to the game and both VOICES for females of their generation, these two ladies need to get together and drop what will be one of the most talked about collaborations of all time.

They’ve been compared before, but I’ve never seen anything about these two juggernauts getting on a song together. The respect is there. Nicki has stated that Missy was one of her influences growing up and Missy has acknowledged Nicki as a force in the game. So what exactly is the hold up?

The tables are set, but what would make this collaboration better than ever? Adding Timbaland to the mix.

If Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliot got on a Timbaland produced track and shot a video for it, I could guarantee it would be the talk of the town for MONTHS and the track would undoubtably be recognized as a top 5 of the year.

Nicki and Missy are strong characters that would make each other better as they joust on a track. It would be nothing but fun, with the potential to become a classic instinctively. Just imagine…lions, tigers, bears, ass, jungles, Young Money cameos, a Magoo cameo! Nicki has never linked up with another female rapper before and Missy would be the perfect one.

Both eccentric, both outspoken, both respected, but for some reason they haven’t come together. No word on it yet so until it happens…

Why haven’t they collaborated yet?

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