The Countdown to 10 of Michael Jordan’s Best Dunks

Michael Jordan Dunk

There are a handful of athletes who have dominated their competition like Michael Jordan. Mohammed Ali, Wayne Gretzky and Tiger Woods are in the conversation, but Jordan is his own conversation. We’ve been lucky enough to have Kobe and LeBron around after Jordan to feed our appetite of greatness, but make no mistake there is no Jordan 2.0. Throughout his legendary career no player has left fans in such awe at the things he would do on the basketball court. Whether he had his tongue hanging while he elevated for a cradle dunk or hitting a fade-away game-winner then shrugging it off like it was nothing, Jordan rarely disappointed. He gave you your money’s worth night in and night out. He has victimized some of the NBA’s all-time greats and left announcers screaming like kids at the street court. We ventured into the YouTube archives and found some of Jordan’s best  jaw-dropping dunks. You can’t really rank which dunk is better than the other when it comes to Jordan, but we gave it a shot! Nonetheless, here are ten of His Airness’ best dunks of all-time. Hope you enjoy!