R.I.P Kayelisa Martin: Committed Suicide After Mysterious Death of Her Baby Boy




Via NYDailynews.com


20 year old, Kayelisa Martin, is said to have committed suicide by walking in front of a semi-trailer truck. This was right after the mysterious death of her 14 month year old, Omoyele Gonzalez.

According to Canton,Ohio, police the boy was found dead in their bed and not even an autopsy has been able to tell what caused it. Omoyele had not telltale signs of abuse or injury that could’ve cause his death but a toxicology report is currently pending. The police have also rules out foul play after interviewing Omoyele’s father, who does not live with Martin.

Police were called when Martin had threatened suicide while a relative reported the death of the child at a nearby fire station. However, when they arrived to the scene Martin was nowhere in sight. During their investigation, they were alerted that the mother died instantly due to a nearby traffic accident, where she walked in front of a moving semi-trailer.

It was later discovered that Martin an Omoyele were involved in another traffic accident earlier that same day. But it is not yet certain if that is what could’ve of caused or contributed to the death of the 14 month year old. According to police, Martin’s steering wheel began shaking and she reportedly lost control. She hit a curb before colliding with a hydrant, shot across a yard, hitting a few rocks and shrubs, to come to a stop in a parking lot close by.

She was cited by the police for operating a vehicle without reasonable control.