The Spotlight: Karlie Hustle, Woman In Charge

karlie hustle

By Emily Gabriele | 

You may not have heard of Karlie Hustle but that’s absolutely fine with her. Want to know why? She doesn’t work for the applause. She works for the silent glory of knowing she has hustled. Karlie has been around in the entertainment industry for roughly thirteen years, most notably in the realm of radio. She’s served as Hot 97’s music director and has played a key part in organizing Hot 97’s “Who’s Next” Stage—a platform that has seen artists along the likes of J. Cole and Wiz Khalifa rise from their unknown days to stardom.

Even though you don’t always see or hear too much of Karlie, she has a great understanding of how impactful behind-the-scenes work is. Working as the music director at Hot 97, she’s spent a lot of time in the atmosphere of the thought-to-be dying medium. However, Karlie has a great understanding of how radio still holds a lot of clout in the music industry and serves as somewhat of a gatekeeper for artists.

That being noted, she takes a lot into account before co-signing an artist and pushing them to radio. Among many elements, Karlie noted that she considers a lot before she feels an artist is ready. One of her most recent pushes, Troy Ave, has publically paid homage to Karlie Hustle for assisting in the continuous come up in his career. What does that mean to us? Even though Karlie is always hustling and working behind the scenes, her hard work is recognized and most certainly resonates.

But enough about radio, let’s talk about what’s next for Miss Hustle. As you may or may not know, Karlie has just recently announced her resignation from music director at Hot 97. Her newest adventure will be a focus on fulfilling her entrepreneurial spirit. With all of her experiences and astute sense of intuition, there is no doubt that Karlie will be successful in whatever endeavor she chooses to take on in the future. All of that taken into consideration, paired with the current, DIY time that we’re living in, self-employments makes a lot of sense for Karlie Hustle.

What exactly will she be doing? Well as a whole, that leaves some room to be determined—no one can predict where their career will lead. However, at the moment, Karlie has honed her signature bow-tie look into a trademarked product: the Hustle Bow Tie, available in six colors options.

You can purchase your own Hustle Bow Tie here. Show your support and your love of being an unsung hero of hustle.