Karlie Hustle Resigns From Hot 97…Who’s Next?

karlie hustle

Since Ebro’s transition from program director to on air personality, it’s increasingly evident things have been changing over at Hot 97. The departure of radio icon Angie Martinez took listeners by storm, wondering what she’d do next, but we weren’t left in question for too long because she announced the following day she would be continuing her legacy over at Power.

Today, Hot 97 has taken another, less public, but equally impactful loss. Karlie Hustle, most known for producing the monthly Who’s Next Live showcase has resigned in efforts to expand her #HustleBowTie business.

For years Karlie has been a large asset to the station, championing indie talent like Troy Ave, Bodega Bamz and Action Bronson, while also playing a major role in overseeing day to day operations over at Hot. With Karlie no longer around, we can’t help but wonder who’s going to get the job done now…because you’ve got admit, she’s pretty damn good at it.

In an Instagram post she’s bid her farewell with the following message:

I’ve made the decision to resign my position as Music Director at Hot 97. I will remain through the end of the month to assist in the transition of duties. SIDEBAR: No. I am not going to a New York radio competitor. Thanks to Ebro Darden, I’ve spent the past three years living my dream in New York City, working at what I believe to be the most important radio station in the world. I’ve been empowered to run the Hot 97 Who’s Next Live platform and the Summer Jam Festival Stage. I’ve appeared on a TV show and had the chance to guest host on the morning show as a fill-in. I’ve been a part of launching the careers of future stars from behind the scenes. These are amazing experiences that I cannot express proper gratitude for here. These past few years have given me the confidence and the enhanced platform to start my own business. I will redirect my time and attention fully to my #HustleBowTie endeavor and the overall K. Hustle brand (buy a tie dammit: karliehustle.com

Can’t wait to see what she has in store next!