Justin Timberlake Sings 'Happy Birthday' to an 8 Year Old Boy With Autism


Wow! Does Justin Timberlake knows how to celebrate a birthday or what?!

He gave Julian Delan, an autistic 8 year old boy, the a night to never forget after he sung ‘Happy Birthday’ for him. Not only did Timberlake serenade the boy, he also got his 25,000 fans to join in on the moment.

Julian’s parents were really excited. “This is a moment Julian will never forget!” is dad wrote on Facebook. “Thanks for gifts sent down to him. #bestnightever.” While his mother also took to the internet, via blog post, to tell the world of Julian’s experience with JT. “…knocking into the chairs and dancing and singing and yelling, ‘It’s my birthday! This is my present! This is my present! I love you JT!”

“I swear the light in his eyes when this world of people began to sing was so bright it must have been what got my eyes so unexpectedly teary…” once again JT has surprised and caught the heard of thousands, but most importantly, he gave Julian Delan the best birthday gift he could ask for.

Make sure to see the “Mirrors” singer tonight at Staffordshire’s Weston Park for yet another memorable performance