The Back-Up Plan: Johnny Manziel Passed Over For Starting QB Job in Cleveland


It’s been a rough week for Johnny Manziel. First, he had a less than stellar outing on Monday Night Football versus the Washington Redskins starters. Then he gets caught flipping the bird to the Washington bench later in that game. Now he lost a job that was too close to call just 24 hours ago.

So what exactly happened? Cleveland Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine said just yesterday that he had no decision on who his starting quarterback would be. Both Manziel and newly named Browns starter Brian Hoyer were both subpar Monday. Hoyer went 2-for-6 for 13 yards on 13 snaps, pathetic for a “starter”. Manziel was not much better; he went 7-for-16 for 65 yards and a touchdown in 39 snaps.

Pettine might have made the decision to go with the safer pick in Hoyer in the aftermath of Manziel getting caught flipping the bird. I’m confident that this decision would have waited until after the pre-season had the middle finger incident never occurred. Sadly for Manziel it did and he’ll now start the season number two on the depth chart. If Hoyer is anything like he was on Monday then Manziel will be starting sooner rather than later.