Watch Joe Budden Bomb Our Hip-Hop Trivia Game

Back in 2008, when our graphics were subpar, our video equipment was far from HD and Dawn Dotta was still with us—may she rest in peace—we got the chance to chop it up with Joe Budden at the Good*Fella Radio Show—still airing every Tuesday 10pm-12am.

It was only right that we got him to come down, seeing that our staff in its entirely hails from Jersey. We played our infamous hip-hop trivia game, which was called “The Hot Seat” (back then). At the time, one of the only people to have ever passed the game was JoJo Simmons, who still holds an infamous record along with Brooklyn rapper and tastemaker [email protected]!n$ and Jersey rapper James Watts.  Needless to say, Joey didn’t score a hundo after using a pass on: “How many quarters in the American nickel?” Trick question Joeyyy! 

Check out Parts 1 + 2 of our interview with Joe, where he elaborates on Mood Muzik, making a millii, being “crazy”—yes he’s crazy— and more. Talk about a throwback!