‘Jersey Shore’s’ Ronnie and Sammi Break Up Again

Via Entertainment.luhudblogs.com

Via Entertainment.luhudblogs.com

Uh oh not another celeb break up. Something must be in the water because Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie just called it quits again. This is after their infamous 5 year, violent on again off  relationship.

“Me and Sammi aren’t together anymore. We just grew our separate ways” Ronnie said at ¬†costar JWOww’s premiere for “Jersey Shore Massacre”, the movie. (Which sounds pretty awesome by the way).

I guess it’s safe to say Ronnie has enough going on to keep himself busy. If you haven’t heard, he’s an occasional pitcher for diet pills, and uncle, and he’s even trying out acting at the LA Upright Citizens Brigade.

So while we look back on the good and bad times of out favorite MTV couple, we must remember one rule ‘never fall in love at the Jersey Shore’.