Jay Z's Got 99 Problems & A Divorce Is About To Be One

That just happened. Rapper/Model chick LIV, who claimed Jay was after her a few months ago, is back and this time firing shots at power couple Jay and Bey. In a new single, video titled “Sorry Mrs. Carter” LIV very unapologetically sends an “apology” out to Bey for Jay’z player ways.

She raps:

“F*cking to the top, me and Jay never screwed.”

So you didn’t have sex? What’s the point of this track again?

She continued her rap with:

“Bet he wished I just stayed and played my part.” 

But you didn’t….

“If I’d a been the type of chick desperate to get on,
Coulda been close friends, but more than friends.
Coulda been his artist, Rita Ora and them.” 

Wait…what? Clearly this is one big publicity stunt on LIV’s part. And Rita Ora is talented. You, my friend are not. 

She continues her poor attempt of a rap with a shot at Bey:

“You out here tellin’ them how to ‘surfbort’.
Come on, now. Surborts. Monica Lewinsky
You a married woman.”

While Jay and Bey are rumored to have martial problems, nothing’s been confirmed yet. The two are still on tour with just a few cities left.

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