Jay Electronica and Lil’ Wayne Come Together For ‘N.O. Connection’ In D*C

jay elec via saintheron.com, lil wayne via allaccess.com

jay elec via saintheron.com, lil wayne via allaccess.com

Jay Electronica’s most recent Twitter rant watched him stand behind his scarce musical output as he asked us if we would rather have “20 albums about nothing or one song about something real, good, genuine, and true?” Ironically, in this week’s “Dream Collaboration” we are bringing Jay Electronica together with the one and only Lil’ Tunechi. Lil’ Wayne¬†and Jay Elec are polar opposites in every form. Their only connection is the big boot of the south. Both come from the city New Orleans, so their connection is N.O. Connection, but you can’t tell me that it wouldn’t be one of the greatest hip hop moments in recent memory if these two came together for a Dream Collaboration.

Jay Electronica is what many rap fans have been waiting for, a gifted rapper with respect from his peers that’s looking to use music to enlighten his audience. Every verse is laden with messages that force you to hit RapGenius and Wikipedia shortly thereafter in seek of the knowledge Electronica will bestow upon you. His latest offering “Better In Tune With The Infinite” features Jay Elect giving us biblical references in what may seem like mere raps to the blind eye.

My feet might fail me, my heart might ail me
The synagogues of Satan might accuse or jail me
Strip, crown, nail me, brimstone hail me
They might defeat the flesh but they could never ever kill me
They might can feel the music but could never ever feel me
– Jay Electronica, Better In Tune With The Infinite

The only problem with him is that he’s hardly ever here. We may hear a story about him piping down a billionaire heiress or bringing Jay Z out at one of the most prolific performances we’ve ever witnessed, but his highly anticipated album is reaching Detox levels of Urban Legends Syndrome and his absence¬†is becoming a running joke for some.

If there’s one person who can teach Jay the art of having a heavy song output work for you it’s Lil’ Wayne. Weezy went from rap novelty status to the face of music in the mid-2000’s after he touched every single song on the charts and on the streets. The world had never seen anything like what Lil’ Wayne did during his prime run between 2005-2009. His voice spread like wildfire and it wasn’t bullshit either. Weezy was spitting and I’m sure Jay Elec would even tell you that.

My name is Weezy, I’m almost perfect
And I work harder than hard workin’
Bizarre circus, that’s when my bar’s surface
Therefore I act a clown
– Lil’ Wayne, Unstoppable

Almost like a response to his tweet. Weezy’s content is the exact opposite of Jay Electronica’s as well. Wayne isn’t here for you to learn the history of man. Where Jay is talking about the art of war, Weezy making love with his tongue. Literally, we’re speaking about the guy who calls himself the Pussy Monster, but don’t get it twisted…Wayne is nice when it comes to making thought provoking music when he wants to be. Remember Georgia Bush?

They tell you what they want, show you what they want you to see
But they don’t let you know what’s really going on
Make it look like a lotta stealing going on
Boy them cops is killas in my home
Nigga shot dead in the middle of the street
I ain’t no thief, I’m just trying to eat
– Lil’ Wayne, Georgia… Bush

But let’s focus on why this would be dope…Weezy and Jay Elec may be the greatest rappers to ever come out of New Orleans. We’ve watched Jay Electronica stand tall next to Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Talib Kweli, and Mos Def. He can rap with the best of them and adds his own flair to every track. Lil’ Wayne was the man people were scared they would get bodied on a track by. In his prime he was deadly and had the type of style where you didn’t really care about anything else happening around him.

One doesn’t have to look any further than this video to understand the respect level…

…or the possibility of a collaboration.

So how would it sound?

It would have to be in the tune of Jay Electronica. He’d have to have full creative control of the record and let the chameleon that Weezy is apply himself towards it. Something of substance…

We really shouldn’t have to speculate, because this one may be coming soon.

So they’re both highly respected, so opposite, but both hailing from the Big Easy, New Orleans. It may be in the near future, but until then…

Why haven’t they collaborated yet?