Mike Tyson Okays Jamie Foxx in Upcoming Biopic

Jamie as Tyson
Jamie as Tyson

via Screencrush.com

Mike Tyson give his thumbs up to Oscar-winning actor, Jamie Foxx playing him in the upcoming movie that is planned to be constructed within the next year to 18 months.  In an interview with IGN Entertainment , Tyson confirmed that Foxx’s face will be manipulated via CGI animation technology, in scenes where Tyson was younger.

The movie is being produced and developed by Foxx’s manager, Rick Yorn, according to Variety Magazine while Terence Winter ( The Wolf of Wall Street) will be writing the script.The movie will follow recent life events in Tyson’s life as well as his past.

This is no challenge for Foxx, who is familiar with sports movie. We should all remember is portrayal of Muhammad Ali’s corner man, “Bundini” Brown in Ali and when he played quarterback Willie Beamen in Any Given Sunday. And after all he did win an Oscar back in 2004 for his performance in Ray.