In 2011 A$AP Rocky Called It Out: “The world ‘gon fall in love with every last one of us. Promise…”

It’s Thursday so we’re throwing it back—no not that ass, these interviews. Every Thursday we dig deep into our digital crates and search the archives for one of our not-so-recent interviews or dope pieces of coverage.

Today’s feature is none other than that pretty mother-fucker, A$AP Rocky, also my very first interview while out on the field. I can still recall the feeling of nervousness now, and it wasn’t because I was speaking to Flako, but because I was one small girl (5’1) holding a Canon SX (at the time) about conduct an interview I knew would generate a whole lot of views. It was the pressure behind it all. The interview was so unexpected I had no audio equipment and so I’m almost sorry for the shitty audio.

My favorite part:

“We good ass kids man, that just like to party man. That’s it. Like we wild as fuck, but we party. We respect our elders. That’s what we do. What do you do?”

What do you do?