HBO Finally Releases Ad For 'On The Run' Tour

on the run

If you haven’t already heard, HBO has officially released a special ad for the On The Run tour. A special on the summer tour will air soon (but not soon enough) on the channel.  Check out the video above, if you haven’t already seen it.

Everyone is comparing the On The Run tour to Jay and Ye’s Watch The Throne tour, mainly because of how performances were broken down; one would come out, sing a song, then be joined by their other half for a joint perfomance only to have the stage left to one performer for their chance to shine. However, unlike Jay’s tour with Kanye, On The Run was a continuation of Bey and Jay’s never ending “Bonnie and Clyde” love story.

The tour, of course, had it’s own trailer:

Everyone who didn’t have the experience of seeing the power couple rock out in person, can enjoy the view from the comfort of their own home. Thanks Bey and Jay!