Personal Foul: NBA Center Greg Oden Arrested On Domestic Abuse Charges

Greg Oden mug shot

Former number one overall flame out Greg Oden was arrested on battery charges yesterday. Oden was released from jail late last night on $10,000 bond. He allegedly struck his ex-girlfriend in the face at his Indianapolis-area home leaving her a bloody mess according to officers. The ex-girlfriend, unnamed at this time, was uncooperative claiming that she had fallen down. Oden played for the Miami Heat last season and is currently a free agent.

The chance of Oden finding a new NBA home just took a bigger hit than his ex-girlfriend took. It will be interesting to see how the NBA addresses this case. We saw the backlash the NFL received for giving Ray Rice a slap on the wrists for his incident. As the days go by and more information is released the NBA will have more to work with and issue a suitable punishment, but all signs point to Oden not joining any team’s bench in the immediate future. Let’s just hope no one asks Stephen A. Smith what he thinks on the situation again.