Listen to G-Unit's New EP "The Beauty of Independance"

Beauty of Independance

50. Banks. Buck. Yayo. Kidd Kidd. G-Unit. Just a couple months ago it seemed like those five would never appear on a track together again. 50 was taking shots at Banks and Yayo calling them Troy Ave’s hype man. Then they all dropped the beef at Summer Jam. Now they release their first project together since 2008, their EP “The Beauty of Independence”. If you have listened to the Unit’s recent singles then you know what you’re getting into. If you haven’t, cop this EP here and experience the revival of G-Unit.

Beauty of Independence Tracklist:

1. Watch Me

2. I Don’t Fuck With You

3. Digital Scale

4. Dead A Pussy Nigga

5. Changes

6. The Plug