The Five Best Loaded Lux Battles

loaded lux

Loaded Lux. Beloved. The guy people crowned as “Battle Rap’s Savior.” When he crushed Calicoe at Summer Madness in 2012, he became a god. But those who’ve followed battle rap for years know that Lux has one of the best records in the world. 2014 might not be his year quite yet – he caught a shutout from Murda Mook at Total Slaughter and seemed to be outmatched against Hollow Da Don earlier in the year – but Lux has a strong history regardless. He’ll bounce back.

In light of his recent loss, we decided to take a look back at the good times, when Lux was crushing rappers like Snoop did buildings. He came up from Smack DVD battles and made it all the way to Hammerstein Ballroom. Take a look at the Harlem King’s career with The Five Best Loaded Lux Battles (available on Youtube).

Note: obviously, not all of Loaded Lux’s battles are available to view on Youtube, so if you have a better selection that isn’t online, let us know in the comments what battles you think are Lux’s best.

Midwest Miles got a bus ticket from Detroit just to come to Harlem and get his a$$ whooped by Loaded Lux on camera – but at least he had the heart to do it. Lux basically eats dude’s lunch so bad, he chokes – TWICE. Lux has always been intricate, but back then he rarely dropped a punchline that didn’t land. He only gets better as the battle goes on, too. Miles claims he’s “too f*cked up” at the end – maybe it was all that ether Lux was serving him.

(via WatchLOUD)

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