Ferguson Police Named Officer, Darren Wilson, in Mike Brown Shooting

police chief mike brown
police chief mike brown

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Thomas Jackson, Ferguson Police Chief,  announced Friday morning that Darren Wilson was the officer who shot and killed unarmed,18 year old Mike Brown. He’s been an officer for 6 years, with no disciplinary action on his record and now he’s having his injuries treated from what Chief Jackson calls, the altercation.

Chief Jackson addressed this along with Mike Brown being a suspect in a robbery (which he also released in several reports) ,during the new conference in Ferguson Missouri.

He detailed that Wilson originally was investigating a “sick call” earlier that Saturday morning when went to check out a reported a robbery at a convenience store close by, which Mike Brown was a suspect of.  However, Wilson was not aware this information.

After Chief Jackson addressed the public, he did not give time for questions or comments.

Mike Brown Dad

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John  Gaskin, a member of the St.Louis NAACP, however, had a few comments of his own, after the conference. “It’s a small step, but it’s definitely a step in the direction of justice. (The Ferguson Police Department) owed the family this information. They owed the people of this community this information. To know who this man is on the ground, so now the NAACP can do our due diligence and begin speaking with the police department on who this officer was. I know they say his record was fairly clean, but we’d like to speak with some of the people here on the ground to find out what their reaction is and had they had any run-ins with this officer.”

Gaskin also expressed his concern of Brown being a victim of racial profiling, after hearing the rendition of the convenience store robbery. 

This is a step to justice for the city of Ferguson, but what’s to happen next, now that we have a name to the crime?