Ferguson Police Dept. Will Not Release Name of Officer Connected to the Mike Brown Shooting


Via Philly.com

The Ferguson Police Department doesn’t seem to take to kindly to threats. The chief of police, Thomas Jackson said on Tuesday that he had to reconsider his decision to release the officer’s name who was involved with the fatal shooting of Mike Brown, because he is concerned about the officer’s safety. He changed his original decisions to release the name by noon Tuesday, but after threats made on social media, he found it best to not do so.

The officer in question has been placed on administrative leave.

Check out the warning from Anonymous, a group of Hackers who threatened the police just this week, below:

Jackson announced, “The value of releasing the name is far outweighed by the risk of harm to the officer and his family,”  and of course, was highly criticized.

Maybe  Jackson was on to something.  It has been reported that protesters have turned violent against the police department; stealing from stores, and even setting business’s on fire!  Police have resulted in using tear gas, bullets, and have made up to around 40 arrests. 

But that wasn’t the case Tuesday, when protesters practiced a peaceful protest by marching down the St.Louis County prosecutor’s office (in Clayton). While chanting “Don’t Shoot!” they raised their hands over the head, to mimic the pose that Mike Brown is said to have been in when he was shot. 

Chief Jackson, in addition to not releasing the name, has also ordered his officers to ride two per car, due to rocks being thrown at their vehicles. 

Reverend Al Sharpton even had comments about the shooting, wishing to end the violence. ““Some of us are making the story about how mad we are.To be become violent in Michael Brown’s name is to betray the gentle giant that he was.” Mike Brown’s father agreed, adding “I need justice for my son.”