Emilio Rojas talks failed Rick Ross/MMG deal, Chris Lighty’s death & battling ‘Latin Rapper’ stereotypes

Emilio Rojas breaks down the details of the once offered Maybach Music Group Deal, which despite text confirmation from Rick Ross, did not pan out as planned. During our interview, Emilio reveals:

“I got a text from him (Ross) and he was like, ‘Yo, you’re MMG now.’ — he was like, ‘This is you now!’ We linked a bunch if times, (but) it never really panned out the way it was supposed to—lawyers would start talking, then lawyers would stop talking…We just couldn’t arrive at a suitable contract for both parties. We just kept talking about it. It was very circular.”

He punctuated the topic by stating that as a independent artist, he was ‘glad’ he didn’t sign to MMG.
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After being sought out by the late Chris Lighty & his Violator Management, Chris’ untimely death forced Emilio to reroute his career path.

“We did a partnership with Violator management. We had a lot of things sitting on that situation. With Chris Lighty and when he passed, rest in piece, he was dealing with a lot of stuff. We were kind of like, ‘what do we do now?’ We took a little break. We had to restructure things. We had to stop releasing the work. I’m sitting on so much music.”

The Rotchester MC then talked about a reoccurring theme he’s always forced to address as a “Latin Rapper,” especially with short sighted Major Label representatives.

“I embrace being Latino. I use my last name (but), I’ve had label executives drop Enrique Iglesias name for 45mins. Like, ‘Really!? you want me to hop on a record with Pitbull?’ I love Pitbull’s music, but I don’t want to wear slacks with an Ironed crease for the rest of my life. Let me be me. My lane is wide open.”