Real Names, No Gimmicks: Why Drake and Joe Budden Should Do A Song Together (Dream Collaborations)



I was once told that Joe Budden is the ‘hood’ Drake. While I’m not sure about that the two do bore striking similarities in the substance of their music. Drake and Joey both give us those personal first person point of view verses like no other. I think the only difference between the two is Drake’s willingness to play the game of mainstream hip hop.

Joe Budden came into rap at a time where it was more about hood status and street credibility, and unheard of for rappers to show as many layers as he does as a human being. The tough guy image was the first thing that popped into your head when you thought of  a “rapper” and Joey fell a few gun wounds short of garnering the same popularity as his counterparts. As talented as he was things just weren’t in his favor.

Drake on the other hand came in at the perfect time where those same qualities were exactly what was missing from rap. By 2009, Drake was rap’s new it-boy and So Far Gone was the mixtape of the year. Throughout that time period we’ve seen how Drake’s open book rap style has worked out so well for him and made fans feel closer to their artist than ever before.

Joe Budden was actually one of the pioneers of this style of rapping. Many people wrote Joe Budden off as a pop rapper after hearing singles like “Pump It Up” and “Fire.” After getting fed up with his label, Joey started releasing his own mixtapes which culminated into the classic Mood Muzik series.

Mood Muzik 1-3 featured what you would deem as “emotional rap,” the same thing that Drake is known for. Joey put his life on the line and talked about his personal relationships on songs in a way that made fans feel like they literally knew the people in these records. The mixtapes led to Joe Budden building a cult following on the internet that kept his career afloat while the labels gave him the cold shoulder.

We’ve never heard anything about the Drake and Joe Budden working together, but the two do have a mutual respect for each other. During Drake’s earlier days Joe Budden caught up with him on an episode of his “JoeBuddenTV” series. The two chopped it up and both shared praises for one another, but nothing has happened ever since.

How Do You Think It Would Sound? 

I can see these two putting out an amazing record about anything as long as they both bring their A-games, but what would really seal the deal is if they kept it personal and painted honest portraits of the effects their career choices have had on them. Something to the level of what Drake gave us on “Say What’s Real” and how Budden delivered on the classic “Broken Wings Freestyle.”

They’re honest, they’re skilled, and it’s clear that the two have respect for each other’s artistry. They’re both still pretty active right now so I’m sure this one will come true someday, but until then…

Why haven’t they collaborated yet?