Daylyt Officially Accepts Pat Stay's Challenge: I own rap battle…You need this battle more than me

Upon catching wind of Pay Stay’s challenge to battle rap in LA Daylyt happily accepted via Twitter. Now, however, it’s official because he’s taken it to YouTube!


“Whether I win or lose, Iam literally at the top of battle rap. I’m so much at the top of battle rap, I’m destroying battle rap and building battle rap at the same time. Like I can lose one day and then put on the fucking best battle y’all have seen the very next say. I am, I own battle rap.”

Daylyt continues his acceptance speech by challenging viewers to stop watching the video, which obviously can’t be done because we’re eager to hear the rest of the fukery he’s got to say.

“You need this battle more than me [Pat Stay].” 

Count on there to NEVER be dull moment with Daylyt. Watch Pat Stay’s challenge below.

Stay tuned. I’m sure there’s more to come.