Ciara Calls Off Engagement to Future





It’s over for Ciara and Future, the engagement is off! After Future cheated on the “Body Party” singer, she was done. A close friend of Future reported ““That love thing kinda hindered him I think, it slowed him down mentally.”

But love is something Future will always have for Ciara, it seems. After all this split is just 3 months after Baby Future, their son, was born May 19th.

Ciara and Future got together through a meeting at their label Epic—this is after Future said in 2006 that he knew he’d be in a relationship with Ciara eventually, in an interview with Angie Martinez. And what do you know? Years later the couple is engaged and living in Los Angeles together in 2013…but now surprisingly it’s over.

People have been waiting for Future’s comment on the situation, but the source mentioned, said not expect any comments outside of his music. “Future’s one of those dudes you don’t really interview,” he said. “To know what’s going on in his life that day, you gotta go to the studio that day. He just takes longer to put his words together and his thoughts.” I guess we have to wait till his mixtape. Evol. (pronounced “evil,” and is “love” spelled backwards), releasing in the Fall. 

Time will tell if the two will still remain close after the break up, though for Future this is common. “Future has a weird way of loving. You might see it’s not all the way right, but it’s still love. It’s not traditional love.” That is definitely right. For those who don’t know, Future has had children with three other women prior to Ciara, and remains close to all of his children and their mothers. “When I was in L.A. with him, he has all of his kids and baby’s mothers with him there. When he was in Atlanta on tour with Drake, all of his baby mothers, including Ciara, were there,” says the source. “Future loves all his kids and baby’s mothers. I think he’s loved all of them equally.”I guess we should expect him and Ciara to remain, maybe not as close, but close enough.