Chris Brown Calls It Quits With Karrueche Tran, Again!

Chris and K


Say it isn’t so! Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have called it quits yet again, but this time the reasons seem a bit blurry compared to what we’ve heard before.

Rumors have swirled that singer, Rihanna, had something to do with it.  It was also said that Tran was the one who wasn’t loyal this time around. “He found out she was texting and sending photos to other guys while they were together” one source has said. Apparently, Karrueche is also accused of using Chris Brown’s celebrity status to further her own agenda. “She did press interviews while they were together for her ‘clothing line’. Turned out, she was a bit of an opportunist.”

There has to be an explanation for this. After all the two have been through a lot together. A recent example? When Tran was sure to be by Brown’s side following his jail sentence and release, even throwing him a part

You might of also seen that Brown was partying on his boat in St. Tropes without Karrueche! He’s been on vacation for one ever since the break up.  Maybe a little sun was good for the ” Loyal” singer, after all he is dancing like he has no worries.

Brown, reportedly, has been nothing but honest lately. Something his fans have been cheering him on for.This past weekend, via his instagram, Brown opened up about his “mistakes” and “regrets.” He wrote” I been through a lot in my life. Made a lot of mistakes alonf the way. But through t all I’ve always been true to myself and through God I’ve been able to take care of my family! I should regret some things but I think the lessons learned will shape me into a real man. I’m appreciative! Thank you for life!”

Looks like Chris Brown really is making an effort to change?

Chris and K


This  is where it gets confusing folks. Some sources say that Ri-Ri as well as any third party to do with the split up. “There’s never been a case of infidelity.”  Apparently, this story says that Brown chose to end things with Tran after an argument they had earlier in the previous month.

“She hasn’t spoken to him in two weeks. She just needed a break to focus on herself. It’s not that they don’t care for one another…She’s taking time to spend with her family and focus on her career. She’s just been pursuing that part of her life.”

Sounds fishy but hopefully this is cleared up in time for Brown’s new album, X, which is set to release this September 16th.