Andre 3000 & Chance The Rapper Come Together for “I Love You…Plural” on D*C

Andre 3000 & Chance The Rapper

Andre 3000 & Chance The Rapper

God, are there any two artists with styles as eccentric as these two?

Andre 3000 was a pioneer for the same lane that Chance The Rapper gallantly rides in. The “off the wall in the name of consciousness” style that catapulted Andre and Big Boi from Cadillacs in Atlanta to spaceships beyond the rap stratosphere feels like a direct influence on Chance’s “madness with a method.”

Ten, damn, days
And all I got to show for it is shoes and shows
And chauffeurs with road rage…
– Chance The Rapper, Pusha Man

Chance The Rapper is something to behold. In between his wild adlibs and seemingly goofy wordplay are lines that delve into the dangers of his Chicago surroundings, his views on interpersonal relationships, and his understanding of what’s going on in today’s rap world. All of this is backed by his effortless ability to string words together in a way that will leave you baffled. He’s not a trapper and he’s not bragging about how many racks he gets a show, instead he rather spit something of substance while finding a way to implement melodies that make it attractive to the ears of hardcore rap fans and casual listeners. Chance’s “Pusha Man/Paranoia” was a standout on the future classic that is Acid Rap. He jumps on Cee J and Nosaj Thing’s groovy production by completely detaching himself from the beat in the first verse, then riding with the organ in the second verse—two totally different looks. Substance wise, Paranoia shows his versatility. After the braggadocious track preceding it Chance dims the lights to give us a first person point of view of how hard it is to live in the lauded “Chiraq,” showcasing all of his talents on one song.

Talking bout what we gonna be when we grow up
I said what you wanna be, she said, “Alive”
It made me think for a minute, then looked in her eyes
– Andre 3000, Da Art Of Storytellin’ (Part 1)

Andre 3000 was that during Outkast’s initial run from the mid 90’s to the mid 2000’s. Nobody in rap possessed the gift that this man possessed, which was to make EVERYONE respect him without busting a nine in his rhymes during the times when that was all that people wanted to hear. Mr. Benjamin was smooth in character, but don’t think that it was all flare. Before “Hey Ya” was “The Art of Storytellin’” and before “Roses” was “Jazzy Belle.” Andre has dropped jewels in every one of his verses and has never been afraid of coming with an unorthodox style.

Chance and Andre haven’t had much contact, but I’m sure they’re well aware of each other. Chance has once stated that he went into an “Andre phase” during finding himself as a rapper. And you can hear the influence in Chance’s style clearly. Surely, these two have exchanged some type of information after all of the festivals they performed at together. We pray…

How would it sound?

Chance’s influences range from Andre to plenty of other artists, but something tells me that these two would make magic together. This one can be either one of these brothers’ track with a guest verse from the other. Will they discuss females, life, or just spazz? Doesn’t matter…we need this.

It may be early for the young Knight Chance, but if this doesn’t happen it would be a travesty. The old generation needs to feel comfort in passing that torch via great verses rather than Instagram pictures. Make this happen, fellas.

But until then,

Why haven’t they collaborated yet?