Free Exchange: Cavs Offering Refund or Exchange For Andrew Wiggins Jerseys


If you were one of the early birds on copping an Andrew Wiggins Cavaliers jersey fear not, you’re jersey is not a waste of money. As you may know by now the first overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves for All-Star Kevin Love. The Cavaliers were aware that some eager fans purchased their Wiggins jersey before the NBA Shop took them down at the beginning of the month and are offering a refund for their purchase. The team shop gives buyers three options; return it for full compensation including shipping costs, exchange it for another Cavs jersey (Love, LeBron or Kyrie probably), or keep it. Here’s the letter the Cavs sent out:

Wiggins Letter

If it’s worth anything, I would say keep the jersey. Retro jerseys never go out of style especially when the player is official. Think about it, how fast would Kevin Durant Sonics jerseys fly off the shelves today? How about a rare T-Mac Raptors jersey or the ultra-rare Kobe Bryant Hornets jersey? Speaking of Kobe, he feels Wiggins will be in the same esteem as himself saying that the Cavs are making the same fateful mistake the Hornets made (They traded Kobe for VLADE DIVAC! What clowns!). With that being said, do whatever your heart is telling you. Just remember the Black Mamba warned you.