Beyoncé’s Next Collaboration Is With Rihanna?!

bey and riri


bey and riri



First, Beyoncé gives Nicki Minaj verse on her hit Flawless, and now it’s hit the rumor mill that she might grant Rihanna the same privilege. Everyone cross their fingers and hope this is really happening!

It’s been reported that “Blow” will be the song of choice, yet another song off Beyoncé’s self titled, visual album, originally released last December. It all started when the song was spotted on ASCAP, a performing arts database, where songwriters register their music. The song was registered with Bey and RiRi’s names under the track.

So far everything seems solid. All we can do is impatiently wait for an official announcement.

No telling what’s gotten into Queen Bey but she’s been into collaborations recently, and no one seems to be complaining. Remember in the ‘Flawless track she let off some steam about the Jay Z/Solange elevator fight?:

“We escalate, up in this bitch like elevators/Of course sometimes shit go down/When it’s a billion dollars on an elevator.”

And now with talks of divorce taking over tabloids left and right, there’s no telling what else Bey will school us about next!