Bey & Jay Headed to Divorce Court, Blue Ivy Up For Custody…Is This Really Happening?


Supposedly lawyers are now involved in the Bey and Jay divorce. ““She’ll file for divorce in New York,” an inside source leaked. “Lawyers are already involved.”

Say it isn’t so, this is really the end of one the most powerful couples we all know in music.  The couple has apparently already drafted the announcement and if they were to go public, would send it to the Associate Press.

Ever since this elevator fight, rumors of the two divorcing have not stopped. But can we blame the rumor mill? After all who wouldn’t want to know if Beyonce was planning on ending her marriage and become a single lady?



Leslie Barbara, is a chairwoman of the matrimonial department of Davidoff Hutcher & Citron. She has handled some big time divorce cases like, Michael Lohan and Molly Ringwald. She gave an interview to Hollywood life on how a divorce between the two would exactly work. “They should be divorcing in NYC based on their residency there and if there is a prenuptial agreement, they would still have to address issues with regard to their daughter, including custody, visitation and support.If there is no prenuptial agreement then we look to identify the marital estate, which are those assets that were acquired during the marriage– meaning, those assets that were acquired from the day you say “I do” to the day you say “I don’t”

Leslie even introduced the idea of infidelity (Which we all accuse Jay of) in the case. ““Infidelity  should not sway the judge in a custody case unless the parental behavior was so inappropriate that it interfered with the parent’s ability to parent or they were so involved in the extracurricular affair that they were an absentee parent or not engaged as a parent.” So it looks like in the court of law the accusations of unfaithfulness isn’t a big issue for Jay.

Beyonce & Jay Z


But what about Baby Blue? Who would look after her?? Leslie of course has an answer to that. ““If there happens to be a custody battle- -which I do not anticipate,–  a court would order a forensic analysis, which simply means the appointment of a doctor — typically a psychologist–  to meet with Beyonce and Jay Z and other family members, and housekeepers and nannies.”  I guess that means Solange, who ironically Beyonce has been seeking comfort in,would have to talk about her anger issues.

But in the end how would this effect Beyonce herself? “As for Beyoncé, there is no way to get around the pains of divorce; if the marriage does end, she is going to have to go through the process. I would surround myself with good friends and family and have a support system in place.” Looks like she is human after all but we’re sure Bey will prove Jay is replaceable.