Back on Broad Street: Beanie Sigel Released From Prison

DJ Drama has made a name for himself on getting the exclusives. He was the DJ on Lil Wayne’s legendary tapes. He was also the DJ on countless classic tapes from Fabolous, to Jeezy to T.I. and the list can literally go on forever.

This time Drama had another exclusive. Beanie Sigel’s prison release. Drama was the first on the scene, tweeting a photo of the Broad Street Bully’s release. The release will sure bring cheers to the streets of Philadelphia and Sigel fans around the world.

Sigel was serving a three year sentence on tax evasion stemming from 2003, 2004 and 2005 with total amount hitting $1 million. Now Beans is out and we hope he gets in the booth with Drama as soon as possible.