WHO’S NEXT: Adrian Lau

Adrian Lau


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Adrian Lau is doing it right the first time around. Working closely with Harry Fraud under Surf School Recordings, this rapper/producer wants to make sure that anything released to the public is of the greatest quality known to man’s ears.

Lau first worked with Harry Fraud back in 2013 when he released his first single, “Small Vacation.” Since then, he’s released his mix tape titled Projection—also with the help of Fraud—back in February of 2014.

He preaches with a genuine tone because he talks about what he knows: his life in Brooklyn. He also does not hide the fact that he enjoys his Mary Jane. Take a few puffs before watching some of his videos (if that’s a pastime you’re into). It’ll be one the best experiences of your life. He loves using trippy images with sounds that will relax even the most paranoid stoner. We’re not advocating smoking the ganja, but we’re saying—if you do— you’ll definitely love it.



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