Top 5 Yung Lean Songs You Should Already Know And Love

Young Lean

Source: XXL Mag

Yung Lean surfaced a while back in 2011, breaking out in 2013, and since then has created one of the best Internet buzzes in 2014 so far. This 18 year old Swedish rapper and record producer hails from the “Sad Boys” movement, which has two other members (Yung Sherman and Yung Gud Shorty). There aren’t too many ways to describe Yung Lean or his style, but he’s often referred to as the “white” Lil B, with melodic beats and heavy “sad rap” lyrics. It’s kind of hard to determine exactly what it about Yung sad and depressed sounding music that’s so appealing but it definitely has mass appeal. This could be accredited to the fact that no one is even really sure if Yung lean is actually serious or some kind of parody rapper which will then group him with artists like Riff Raff or Ice JJ Fish. If you don’t believe me just refer to his million of YouTube views or the two sold out NYC shows during his first U.S. tour. If you’re a cult fan of this kid, fully equipped with the buck hat, then I’m sure you’re familiar with all these tracks. However, if not, here are 5 of the most popular songs out by Yung Lean.—Asia Howard |