10 Interesting Things We Learned About Raury At His “Indigo Child” Listening Party

Raury "Indigo Child" Listening Event

Photo Credit: @kymmiceelive

I attended Raury’s Indigo Child listening session last night in NYC, and damn did you miss out if you weren’t there. I mean, there were complimentary drinks, fruit (which you know made my heart pitter-patter) and a slew of amazing music to tickle your eardrums in the most pleasant of ways. Pro Era‘s CJ Fly was in attendance, as well as Remy Banks and Nigel of World’s Fair, and Ashley Outrageous.

After listening to what’s Raury’s been cooking up it’s evident this ‘Indigo Child’ is only moving in one direction; forward. He possesses remnants of Andre 3000 and Kid Cudi in both his demeanor and music. Raury is a unique cat—to say the least—who’s determined to win and there’s no doubt that he’ll triumph.

If Raury wasn’t on your radar before it’s imperative that you plaster him on now. You can wait, but I guarantee you’ll regret it. And if you don’t want to take the advice from me, take it from ‘Ye.

Indigo Child out August 25th.