‘Zero to 100’ ft. Driicky Graham: We know Iggy’s Thick, but ‘Mortal Kombat’ the dopest movie you ever seen? Really!?

driicky graham and kymmi

We played our own game of Zero to 100 with Driicky Graham. The NC Native Scored a 70 out of 100 (fyi: no one has ever score a 100). Driicky passed on the name of Tupac’s first album and didn’t know if Tyler The Creator & Earl were real cousins. But, he did ace naming Em’s catalogue & BIGGIE’s debut release. Hurry. Think fast ’94 or ’92? Without looking at the footage!

Moving in such rapid fire we got Driicky to effortlessly share who his first & last kisses were. During the “word association” part of the game, Driick immediately thought of the word “Thickness” when we mentioned Iggy Azalea. Another legendary Zero to 100 in the bag, (No-Diddy). Press Play if you don’t believe. Wait…no. Press play either way and let us know in the comments section below if you think you could have done better. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Driicky, dropping at the top of next week.

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