WHO'S NEXT: Audra The Rapper



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Audra The Rapper has been a name in the rap game since she was 15 years old with the single I Got Yo Weave that jump started her career. She caught the attention of Maybach Music Group member, Rick Ross, in 2010. When she opened for him at a concert in her hometown, Richmond VA , and the rest is, as they say, history. 

Audra has shared stages with a large assortment of big name artists, like: Lloyd, Ray-JRick RossTrey SongzBig Sean, and Travis Porter. Her career is impressive but also meaningful. In 2007 she founded “The AMG Music for a Cause Foundation”, which focuses on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, youth violence prevention and teen pregnancy prevention. She also organized the first Music For A Cause Concert for its inauguration in 2008, which had 35 hip hop r&b, and gospel artists from DC, Maryland and Virginia for an 8 hour event. 


Audra The Rapper names Lauryn Hill to be her ultimate inspiration, she even made her 2010 mix tape Miseducation of Audra, which she recorded her first hit for the public, Comfort Zone”, to her. 

During an interview she did with TheHipHopDiva.com, Audra said Audra The Rapper is a lifestyle, which is part of the reason she decided to use her real name. “I live, breathe, and eat this. It’s 100% of who and what I am. That’s
why I chose to use my real name cause this isn’t a gimmick. I rap for real not because it’s a scam to get money. If I only wanted money I would use my degree.”

Audra’s music is a mix of thug, and being a lady. It speaks to every emotion and as she spits each verse you might even experience some new ones.

But what else can we expect from Audra The Rapper?  Well if you can wait till August, her newest EP Retropectrum is sure to shock you. But until then, check out her latest hits, which of course includes her video for ” Nutter Butters”. But remember, we said it, she’s next!