WHO'S NEXT: Wara From The NBHD

By Nicole Murray| @nicomurr1524



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Wara from the NBHD has reappeared from thin air and is now surrounded by a large amount of chatter because of his controversial tracks.

Born in Brooklyn, New York but raised in Atlanta, Wara speaks from a realistic point of view that gives his music that extra jolt that it needed.

Back in February, Wara released his mixtape titled III Street Blues with tracks that rock to a beat that are worth listening to before they aren’t free anymore; and trust me it won’t be much longer. He gives listeners an insider’s point of view of what it was like to grow up in the hood and makes it very clear that there is good as well as bad that everyone must face in life. He exemplifies this idea by placing his son, the good, sitting next to a gun, the bad, on his mixtape’s cover. He is known for painting distinct images with his rhymes and makes sure his presence is known.

On July 29, Wara will release his concept album titled Kidnapped that has people giving him the attention that he finally deserves. Featuring singles such as “Beige“, “Squeal (Peel Off)”, and “Scrilla”, Wara has raked in over 10,000 plays on Soundcloud. Thousands of people just can’t be wrong. He has still got his touch. Just remember folks, we called it first. He’s next.

And be sure to check out his exclusive, raw and uncut “Macbook Confession” with Kymmi Cee to give you guys an inside scoop on Wara.


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