After Jimmy Kimmel Translated ‘Na Na’ He & The Rest of The World Deemed Trey Songz A Sex Gawd


Jimmy Kimmel cares about the elderly, so much he’s created a new segment on his show titledĀ “New Lyrics For Old People.” Trey Songz came through and put Kimmel’s translation skills to the test and man was he on point!!

Trey Songz: “Oh na na, look what you done started.”

Jimmy Kimmel: “It appears with ‘Na Na,’ things are headed in a sexual direction.”

Trey Songz: “Oh na na, why you gotta act so naughty?” Trey continues.

Jimmy Kimmel: “I question why you behave inappropriately, even though I am aroused,” Kimmel translates, in the most awkward of tones.