This Girl Accidentally Sent Her Dad A Nude & Lived To Tell The Story

Nyjah Cousar
A girl by the name of Nyjah Cousar ( @dearfashionn) sent her father a nude on Tuesday night. Before we get crazy, it was an accident. She didn’t mean to send her father the nude. I hope...

Here’s a play by play of how it all went down.

Asking your followers for help can prove beneficial. Sometimes they’ve got the answers you need.

Don’t think this was one of those times. 

We don’t either.

Embarrassing is not the word my dear.

This reminds me of when I wake up hungover and promise God I’ll never drink again. 


And here comes dad.  It’s not sounding pretty.  We can’t make this up, or at least she can’t.  “This ain’t no fucking game. It’s called “Twitter, NOT titter!” LMAO… “titter.” Better make sure your not friends with dad on SnapChat first.